Privacy Policy

Parr Recovery takes considerable measures to protect the privacy and security of personal information. Such personal information includes clients’ names, social security numbers, tax identification numbers addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Personal information will be used solely for the purpose for which it was collected – to assist Parr Recovery in the rapid recovery of assets. Parr Recovery does not sell, share, trade, or otherwise disclose any personal information unless legally required to do so. An example of a situation requiring legal disclosure of your clients’ personal information may occur in connection with providing the entity holding funds with identifying information necessary to verify that your client is the intended recipient of a payment.

Parr Recovery puts great effort in to protecting the confidentiality, security, and integrity of personal information. Once a recovery is complete, Parr Recovery will remove personal information from its database and files.

Recovering your assets and protecting personal information are Parr Recovery’s top priorities.