Who we are…

Parr Recovery, Inc. is an asset recovery service that reviews accounting records of outstanding and stale-dated checks from over 1000 governmental agencies in the United States and reunites them with their owners on a contingency fee basis. This means that the fee is contingent on the check being returned to you. There are no upfront fees. If you do not receive your check then we do not obtain our fee.

Our searches capture millions of records that have not been published and do not include any state unclaimed or abandoned property records and as such would not appear on state abandoned property websites or websites such as missingmoney.com

If you have a claim pending with any of these agencies then the funds that we are contacting you about are completely different.  In fact several agencies that we deal with, because of the laws and statutes governing them will never send the funds to an unclaimed property department.

If we have contacted you by phone or sent you a letter that means we have located a check or checks that belong to you or your organization that have not been cashed.  We have located these funds with one of the agencies or organizations described above.

There may be several reasons that you did not receive the funds including but not limited to a change of address without forwarding information, the agency having an incomplete or incorrect address, a name change, or it may have just been a postal service error.

Because the funds have not been claimed for an extended period of time, you may not be aware that funds are owed or their location, therefore our service may be very beneficial to you.